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S7 Airlines. Married Segments Control (MSC)

Please be informed that from November 15 of 2019 S7 Airlines introduces Married Segments Control (MSC). When making a reservation in S7 ARDWeb / S7 AIDL (including S7 Smart Ticketing), GDS Amadeus, ADS Sirena-Travel, flight segments may fall under MSC in case of booking:

Turkish Airlines. Refund Validity and Refund Rules

We remind You that in accordance with the IATA rules and the airline rules, if the payment for the ticket was made by credit card, a refund payments amount for the unused ticket must also be made to this credit card. Making a refund in cash in this case is not allowed. Detection of this violation will be the reason for the ADM.

Lufthansa Group. NEWS

Lufthansa Group. Important change for waiting list requests / Important data protection information in multi-passenger PNR / About violation of sequence coupons / flights. / Compliance with the rules of collection and return of the DC fee, in order to avoid the imposition of fines ADM.

TAP Air Portugal (047) - The introduction of Passenger Type Codes (PTC) and the age of the CHILD and the INFANT in the PNR

We inform you about the need to enter the identifier (PTC) CHD/INF and age in the name field for passengers of categories child (from 2 to 12 years) and infant (from 0 to 2 years) when booking tickets TAP Air Portugal (047). When you enter this information in the PNR, an SSR CHLD and an SSR INFT will be automatically created.

Philippine Airlines - PR (079). ADM policy and cancellation policy

The airline Philippine Airlines is reminiscent of the cancellation policy: NEED Cancelation all segments with status HX, UC, NO, UN. Do not create bogus bookings. - see more ...

China Southern Airlines - CZ. NEWSLETTER: notification of changes in the schedule

In connection with the frequent complaints from passengers, as well as to improve the quality of services provided, the main office of China Southern Airlines has decided to impose penalties for late notification of changes in the schedule.

Icelandair - FI (108). ADM policy (2019)

As a service to its customers and at Icelandairs specific request, IATA may make available, via BSPLink, communications from Icelandair to its appointed agents. Such communications in no way represent or reflect the opinions or policies of IATA. The information contained in these communications is provided by and remains the responsibility of Icelandair in the communication and is intended only for the access, use and benefit of certain designated BSPLink users.

China Eastern Airlines. CHURNING rules

Due to the strict monitoring by the Central office of Chinese Eastern airlines of bookings (PNR) made repeatedly (from 3 times), as well as to avoid the following large fines (ADM control for duplicated segments), we recommend adjusting the settings of the online program so that the maximum number of identical attempts to booking one passenger does not exceed two times. On the third attempt, the validator commits the transaction as CHURNING PNR.

Xiamen Airlines (731). ADM &booking policy – O&D

We remind You to follow the rules of booking and fare when booking tickets for flights of other airlines and code-share flights (MF*) on the form of Xiamen Airlines (731). Please note that the airline prohibits violation of the booking rules available in the presence of classes for the best ticket price and “separation” of Married-segments.

Copa Airlines . Exchange and Refund policy in connection with the strike in Argentina

Copa Airlines asks You to read the policy of exchange and refund of tickets for passengers traveling to/from Buenos Aires (EZE), Cordoba (COR), Mendoza (MDZ), Rosario (ROS), in connection with the national strike in Argentina.