QATAR AIRWAYS - QR информирует о политике изменений в связи с пандемией коронавируса COVID-19

Обновление инструкции по изменениям и возвратам денежных средств в зависимости от ограничений наложенных различными государствами по причине короновируса COVID-19 ниже.


Attention: this Passenger Guidelines supersedes all previous Commercial Policies
Reference No. 1033 - 1038, 1040 - 1041, 1043 - 1049 and 1051
except “Travel with Confidence” COM Ref: 1052 Ver. 1.2.

  1. Which are declared as cancelled due to operational reasons or airport closures.
  2. To/from/via any point which is declared as operating, however, passengers are prevented to travel to/from/via these points due to travel restrictions or travel ban imposed by government authorities. Please see “Applicability Appendix” for further details.
  3. Which are declared as operating to/from/via China (OAL/interline), Hong Kong (QR), Iran (QR/IKA), Italy (QR/FCO) and South Korea (QR/ICN), however, passengers wish to amend their travel plans in view of the current situation.
  4. Which are declared as operating to/from/via any point, but cruise travel or a special event booked in connection with flights has been changed or cancelled due to Coronavirus outbreak. There should be an identifier on the ticket justifying that the ticket is issued in connection with a cruise travel. List of bookings (PNRs, ticket numbers and passenger names) at the end of each week should be forwarded to Commercial Policies & Procedures.
  5. That have undergone a Schedule Change in the PNR. This overrides “Reservations & Ticketing Manual (RTM) Section 17 – Schedule Change”. However, for new QR routes that have a delay in launch of operation, please refer to their individual Commercial Policies which have been already published or will be issued shortly.
  6. That have prolonged checks at certain airports or increased Minimum Connecting Time (MCT), may cause a misconnection of onward flights.
  7. With transit through Hamad International Airport (HIA) and an onward connection between 8 and 24 hours and at the same time holding a confirmed STPC hotel arrangement which has been cancelled.
  8. Which are booked as a part of any Stopover product in Doha (standard stopover as part of ticketed Fare Basis, MVP, QR Holidays, Discover Qatar, etc.).

Rerouting on QR

Reroute onto QR operated flights, within the same country of 500 international miles radius (different country).

Exception for restrictions to/from Egypt: Reroute onto QR operated flights to/from ADA / ADB / AMM / BEY / ESB / IST / KWI* / LCA / MCT / OHS / SAW / SLL

*Subject to flight operation

Rebook into lowest available RBD in the same cabin.

Must advise passenger that travel from/to rerouted point is at their expense, including surface transport, hotel

May change unutilized outbound & unutilized inbound on the same Ticket within one transaction to match original length of stay.

Examples for 500 international miles radius:

Original destination – MXP BKK QR X/DOH QR MIL

New destination – VIE

Rerouting permitted. Ticketed Point Mileage (TPM) between MIL and VIE is 388 (within 500 miles).

New origin - NRT.

Rerouting not permitted. Ticketed Point Mileage (TPM) between BKK and TYO is 2869 (exceeds 500 miles).


Rebook on OAL 

Rebook onto combination of QR operated and OAL operated flights, same origin, destination

May change gateway and/or OAL.

Rebook into lowest available QR RBD in the same cabin and lowest available OAL SPA RBD in the same cabin.

Please refer to QR Info > Commercial > Revenue Management > Res & Tkt Manual > file “SPA for

Schedule Change” for further details.

Must not rebook exclusively on OAL 

Number of waivers 

Multiple changes permitted. Applies to changeable, as well as to non-changeable fares (tickets).


Waive any difference of fare, taxes, fees, charges, surcharges, including rebooking penalty and service charge (ticketing fee, booking fee) due to ticket exchange/reissue .

No-show Waive no-show condition and no-show penalty for rebooking or refunds

Hotel provided: No

Upgrade to higher cabin: Yes, provided difference of applicable fare, taxes, fees, charges and

surcharges are collected and fare basis conditions adhered

Unutilized ancillary services (EMD status Open)

  • Preferred seat, Lounge access, AL Maha meet & Assist - EMD value can be exchanged to TRNS – Good for future travel, provided it has  been issued in connection with impacted flight
  • Pre-Paid Baggage can be rebooked with new journey within the EMD validity 
  • ORYX Airport Hotel Room – Cancellation must be informed to The Airport Hotel Reservation 1 [email protected]. Up on concurrence from The Airport Hotel reservation Service can be  rebooked with new journey within the EMD validity period (12 months from date of issue). All other scenarios follow respective Ancillary service SOP involuntary scenarios.

Important information

  • Travel with Confidence Policy (Commercial Ref 1052) is independent from this Guidelines.
  • Rebooking / rerouting is permitted provided that there are no restrictions imposed by government authorities and must be subject to documentation check, as well as immigration compliance