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News → Ctrip Group Signs Strategic Agreement with Russian Agency AVIA CENTER

Moscow,  26  June, 2019 – Ctrip, the largest online travel agent in both China and Asia signed a strategic partnership agreement with the Russian agency "AVIA CENTER". This agreement was made under the framework of developing Russian-Chinese economic cooperation through forging relationships that are both dynamic and mutually beneficial across all economic sectors.

Within the framework of this agreement, Ctrip and AVIA CENTER agreed on long-term cooperation in the implementation of modern technologies in the market of air-ticket services and related services and products both in the Russian and in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) markets.

Built on the basis of both traditional and new Internet technologies, this joint collaboration will focus on the development and sharing of mutually enriching experiences, skills, inventories, products and development to ensure that Ctrip and AVIA CENTER remain high in quality and customer-oriented.

Ctrip, as minority shareholder shall have significant rights to participate in strategic decision-making on joint venture development, product line, network and partnership programs development.

Director General of «AVIA CENTER» Sergey Bogachev, who will continue to perform his duties, said, “We have been cooperating with  for more than 4 years. We have since established ourselves as a reliable partner, providing not only high-quality content from the Russian market but also a high level of service. We are sincerely glad that within the framework of significantly improving Russian-Chinese relations, we have managed to find a strategic partner in our business represented by such a large international travel partner- Ctrip. We are confident that all parties shall benefit from this partnership.”

Ctrip shall continue to obtain Russian content at the best prices for their international outreach in Russia. Ctrip and «AVIA CENTER» will gain access to leading online technologies for selling air tickets, hotels and other travel services. In addition, due to the participation of Chinese party in capital, «AVIA CENTER» will possess the additional financial resources for development of its network, product software, new technological solutions and business approaches.  

Xiong Xing of Ctrip Group Flight CEO and CEO said, “Russia is  a key market for Ctrip’s international outreach. By collaborating with AVIA CENTER, we will benefit from their local knowledge and expertise. This is crucial for our own development.  AVIA CENTER has been a valuable partner for many years and we have confidence that this strategic partnership will strengthen both organizations in local market.